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DS-9500 File Status

This table will help you understand what the file status icons mean when checking if the dictations has been sent successfully or has been transcribed on the DS-9500.

Press F1 to bring up the list of your dictations in the folder to see the status for each file. Press F1 again to select the folder.

Dictation  folder list

List Status Normal Recording Pending Recording pending 
List Status Normal Transcription InProgress  Transcription in progress
List Status Normal Transcription Finished  Transcription finished
List Status Normal SpeechRecognition Finished  Speech recognition finished
List Status Normal WiFi Success  Wi-Fi transfer success
List Status Normal WiFi Failed  Wi-Fi transfer failed
List Status Normal USB Success  USB transfer success
List Status Normal Mail Success E-mail transfer success
List Status Normal Mail Failed E-mail transfer failed



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