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Configure Rev Skip on DS-9500/DS-9000

This guide goes through how to configure the Rev skip function on the DS-9500 or DS-9000.

The below image is what you will use to navigate the menu

DS 9500 Front button

  • Press “OK/Menu” to open the Menu.
  • Press "-" to navigate to the Device Menu and press "OK/Menu". 
  • Press “–” to scroll down to Rev skip and press “OK/Menu”.

DS 9500 REV skip 2

  • Select the desired option by pressing "-" or "+" and press "OK/Menu".

DS 9500 REV skip 3

  • The setting will now be applied to the device.

DS 9500 REV skip 4

This setting can also be configured through the Dictation Module, System Configuration Program or the Device Customisation Program by going to Device settings > Common Settings > General.

To use the Rev skip function

Push the slide switch down to REV position then let go, so it goes to PLAY position and this will go back a few seconds as specified.

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