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Administrative Recording Settings

This guide takes you through the more advanced recording settings specific to the professional range mobile recorders such as recording format, recording function and file download that are found under the Administrative Settings Recording Menu.

The ODMS Dictation Module or the Device Customisation Program is required in order to configure the advanced recording settings

To access this menu, go to:

  • Tools > Options > Device > Recording (Administrative Settings)

Administrative Recording Settings 1

Specify the recording format: DSS Classic (DSS) or DSS Pro (DS2).

 Administrative Recording Settings 2

Choose what the Record function does during the playback of a dictation. It can be set to overwrite the existing dictation, append the existing dictation or be inserted into the existing dictation.

Administrative Recording Settings 3

Overwrite – This will record over the current dictation.

Append – This will add to the end of an existing dictation.

Insert – This will add into to the current dictation

Dictations can be marked as either Finished or Pending on the recorder, the software can then be set to download either All files or only the files that have been marked as Finished.

Administrative Recording Settings 4

  • A dictation can be marked as Pending or Finished on the recorder by:
  • Pressing the OK/Menu button, to get to the File Menu.
  • Select the Pending option, press the OK/Menubutton.
  • Mark the dictation as either Pending or Finished by pressing the OK/Menu button to either of the options.
  • If a change or multiple changes have been made on this page, once complete, click Update > Only this page.
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