For this guide, Author ID(s) must have already been added to the Author section. See our Author IDs article for instructions.

Up to 10 Author IDs can be applied to a device (either a DS-3500 or DS-7000). 

Note: This requires the Dictation Module software to configure the device settings.

To set an Author ID on a device,  go to:

  • Tools > Options > Device
  • Ensure that the correct device connected to the computer and is selected from the drop down.

add author ids to a device 1

  • Click Author List. The Author ID entered in the previous step should now be in this list.
    • If multiple Author IDs have been added, tick Prompt for Author ID at Power-on. This allow users to select their Author ID after turning their device on.

add author ids to a device 2

  • Click Update > Only this Page
  • Click OK

author ids 5

  • Click Apply/OK.