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Administrative Display Settings

This guide goes through the Administrative Display settings for the DS-9500/DS-9000 recorder

Administrative General Settings

This guide goes through the Administrative General settings for the DS-9500/DS-9000 recorder.

Alcohol-wipe Resistant DS-9500/DS-9000 Recorders

Olympus offers alcohol-wipe resistant dictation devices perfect for doctors and healthcare workers who can benefit from Olympus' commitment to making lives healthier and safer.

Exporting & Importing .bin Files

This guide will go into detail about how to import and export .bin files for an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. 

DS-9500/DS-9000/DS-2600 recorder stuck restarting and preparing firmware update

On rare occasions a firmware update may fail (due to environmental factors), subsequently the DVR can enter into a loop of restarting and preparing the firmware update. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue...

Manual Firmware Update Procedure

This article describes how to perform a manual firmware update for Olympus Digital Voice Recorders (DVR)...

Change Recording Format for DS-9500/DS-9000/DS-2600

This guide goes through how to change the recording format on the following recorders DS-9500,DS-9000 and DS-2600. 

Download dictations using the Ethernet cable

This article goes through how to setup your DS9500 recorder to download dictations to a network share using the Ethernet cable.

How to change ODI.BIN files

This article describes what ODI.BIN files are and how to change them...

Email settings on the DS-9500

This guide goes through the email settings on the DS-9500 recorder where you can select an email profile to use, add or remove an email recipient.

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