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This article will document the preset button modes for the new RecMic series.

The buttons of the RecMic II are already preconfigured with settings and commands, tailored to Dragon and Windows Speech Recognition software.

How to change the modes

Press the NEW and INSERT buttons until LEDs from F1 to F4 flash for 15 seconds. During this time, choose your preferred preset button modes from F1 to F4.

  • F1 = Olympus Mode (Default setting used for Olympus software)
  • F2 = Custom Mode (Custom setting, offered via the RecMic Configuration Tool)
  • F3 = Dragon Mode (Button setting is optimized for Dragon Software from Nuance)
  • F4 = Windows SR Mode (Button setting is optimized for Windows speech recognition)

rm series preset button modes

Button Templates for
RecMic II

PDF versions available for your reference

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