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The following article will help you achieve the best possible recording for your environment.

 Recording Mode

rm series recording mode

In order to achieve good recording quality and speech recognition results, it is important that you select the preset recording mode that matches to your environment. The recording mode controls the directionality and the noise reduction level during recording. Especially during speech recognition, the background noise should be kept at a minimum level.


LED Colour  Recording Mode  Directionality  Noise Cancellation  Intelligent Auto Mode
Blue Quiet Environment (Default) OFF OFF OFF
Green Noisy Environment for Speech Recognition HIGH MID OFF
Red Noisy Environment for Classic Dictation HIGH HIGH OFF
Purple Customized setting (ONLY via SDK) OFF, LOW, MID, HIGH OFF, LOW, MID, HIGH ON/OFF



recording mode for rm series 1 


Intelligent Auto Mode

This feature continuously monitors the input level and variably adjusts the recording level to the optimal level.

  • Input level too low: Increases recording level
  • Input level too high: Reduces recording level


How to change the modes

Press the F1 and INSERT button for more than 5 seconds as you see below, by repeating this operation it will toggle between the modes.


 recording mode for rm series 2


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