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This article goes through the basics of using your DirectRec II/RecMic I Series.

Getting Familiar with the Device

Fixed Microphone diagram

1 Built-in microphone 12 RIGHT (Right) button
2 Recording three colour LED (red, green and blue) 13 Trackball
3 Insert Recording LED (green) 14 F1 (Function 1) button
4 Volume down button 15 F2 (Function 2) button
5 Volume up button 16 F3 (Function 3) button
6 NEW (New) button 17 F4 (Function 4) button
7 Insert / Overwrite button 18 Built-in speaker
8 REW (Rewind) button 19 USB cable
9 FF (Fast Forward) button 20 Back (Back) button
10 Slide REC (Record)/STOP (Stop)/PLAY (Play)/REV (Review) switch 21 REC (Record) button
11 Left (Left) button 22 PLAY (Play)/PAUSE (Pause) button
  23 Barcode slot


Sending your dictations

Once you have created your recordings you can send them via the following methods. The ODMS R6 software has automated functions which can be configured for a seamless workflow.

Further information

If you want to know about the Olympus software please take a look at the ODMS R6 GUI Overview.

If you are using ODMS and want to know about how to use the Speech Recognition features please take a look at the guide here.

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