This guide goes through how to troubleshoot recording issues.

If you are using Windows 10 make sure that you have enabled microphone access as per the guide below. 

We would recommend checking the RecMic microphone is working which this can be checked through Windows Sound settings.

  • Right click the volume icon in the System tray and click Open Sound settings

RecMic not working 1

  • In the Sound settings window under Input, make sure the (Microphone Control (RM or DR)) is selected then click on Device propertie

RecMic not working 2

  • Ensure the microphone isn't disabled and the volume is at 100
  • Click on Test and speak into the microphone and the blue bar will move left to right to let you know it is working

RecMic not working 3

RecMic not working

If the microphone bar doesn't move at all after doing the above test then this would suggest the RecMic microphone is faulty and would need to be repaired. 

If the microphone is working then we would recommend following the below guide to troubleshoot audio in the Olympus software.