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SD Card Specification Meanings

SD Cards often have many numbers, letters and speed ratings labelled on them but what do they mean...

Latest Versions

Find out the latest versions of software and firmware for Olympus Professional Dictation...

Memory Card Compatibility

Confirmed memory card for DS-9500/DS-9000/DS-2600. These SD cards work with recorders, but we do not guarantee compatibility with each SD card.

Office Compatibility

This article details what Office versions are compatible with the latest ODMS version.

CR-15/CR-21 Compatibility

Read this article to find out more about CR-15 and CR-21 docking station compatibility...

Compatibility Finder

This tool will help you find out what items your product is compatible with.

This includes: Operating Systems, Software, Mobile Devices, Fixed Microphones, Transcription Devices, Transcription Kits

Virtualisation Compatibility

This article details what versions of virtual products are supported and compatible with the Olympus products. 

File Size Comparison


This article outlines the different types of audio files and their respective file sizes which are supported in the Olympus software.

Dragon Supported Versions

This article details what versions of Dragon are supported with the latest ODMS version.

Operating System Compatibility

This article details what Olympus products are compatible on certain operating systems. However, Olympus can't guarantee full functionality on operating systems that has reached its end of life by the manufacturer.

Note: This article does not specify whether the Olympus products are officially supported for information on product support status please refer to Product Support Matrix. If you want information on which software version it works with please refer to Hardware Compatibility Matrix

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