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This article details the Olympus product ID for all the professional and business range devices.

This will help you identify whether the device is recognised on the PC within Device Manager.

If you utilise endpoint security in the environment then you will need to add the Olympus devices to the security exception list for them to function as normal.

Olympus Vendor ID: 07B4

Model Product ID

Olympus Mode (Composite)

Storage Mode Keyboard Mode
RM-4110S 029A   029A 
RM-4100S 0299   0299
RM-4015P 0298   0298
RM-4010P  0297   0297
RM-4000P  0296   0296
DR-2300 0256    
DR-2200 0254    
DR-2100 0253    
DR-1200 0255    
DS-9500 02A3 02A2  
DS-9000 02A5 02A4  
DS-7000 0250 024F  
DS-5500 0277 0276  
DS-3500 025a 0259  
DS-5000(iD) 022c 0227  
DS-3400 0235 0234  
DS-2600 02A7 02A6  
DS-2500 0261 0260  
DS-2800 0248 0247  
DS-2400 022a    
RS-32 026e    
RS-31H 025f   0294
RS-28H/RS27H 0218   0293

*KB mode = Keyboard mode this means the Olympus H model foot controls can be configured to use the keyboard hotkeys.

To find out the Vendor ID and Product ID of an Olympus device which isn't listed.




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