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  • Patch 0020:
    • Resolves an issue that occurs when the ordering of the column headers is changed in the list view, the change is not saved.
  • Patch 0019 resolves the following issues:
    • Failing to connect to R7 SCP.
    • Multiple Outlook windows open when sending and receiving E-mail.
    • When a file received via E-mail is marked as Transcription.Finished, the software receives the same file again.
    • When a user using Exchange (Outlook) receives a file, it doesn't automatically reply to the destination set in ODMS.


  • Patch 0018
    • Allows support of ODMS R6.4 Workgroup Users in the ODMS R7 Wep SCP.


ODMS 6.4.0 Patch 16 Popular
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  • Patch 0016
    • Fixes an issue that the DM/TM may freeze when a DS range device is set to USB Composite Mode and the device is disconnected from a PC without using the safely remove feature.

Release Note

  • Fixed the issue that the deployment setting of custom configuration was not reflected by using CustomConfig.xml.
  • Patch 0005
    • Fixes an issue that DM/TM does not receive any new settings from SCP.
  • Patch 0002
    • Fixes the issue "Failed to access the file" when apply settings to group users.
  • Changes the refresh rate for clients connecting to the Repository Service. Please apply one of patches(interval time: 1hour, 2hour, 4hour) to each DM/TM.
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