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(ODMS R7) Olympus Dictation Management System Release 7 SCP Manual

This can be found by logging into the SCP and clicking on ? button in the top right.

  • Patch 0005
    • Fixes an issue that DM/TM does not receive any new settings from SCP.
  • Patch 0002
    • Fixes the issue "Failed to access the file" when apply settings to group users.

This requires the additional R7 SCP license, please contact your Olympus dealer to purchase one. The Workgroup package contains the Administrative components, Client software, Virtualisation Drivers and additional tools. Allowing IT administrators to install, customise, and centrally manage the ODMS environment. 

The SCP client resides on the client PC and allows transfer of settings from the SCP to the hardware. The SCP client also acts as a "File Downloader"

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