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ODMS 7.2.0 Patch 5

Patch 0001

  • Resolves an issue that occurs when the ordering of the column headers is changed in the list view, the change is not saved.
  • Fixes the icon status error for the In-line Edit function.
  • Fixes an issue that occurs when changing the lighting time setting for the DS-7000/3500.
  • Resolves the issue whereby older models of foot pedals (RS-28/RS-27) would take time to connect via USB. In some virtual environments, due to the amount of time taken to initialise the foot pedal connection, users were unable to log in.

Patch 0002

  • Resolves recognition issues experienced when using a Mobile recorder, RecMic or Foot switch.

Patch 0003

  • Resolves an issue regarding playing dictations from Windows Explorer

Patch 0004

  • Resolves an issue regarding ODMS finding Dragon Profiles when executing voice recognition.

Please note, after applying this patch, you need to re-add the Dragon profile in ODMS again and restart ODMS in order to have the SCP resynchronise the profile.

Patch 0005

  • Fixed the issue where the PC may fail to recognize DVRs when connecting the device.
  • Fixed the issue where audio files could not be exported from the ODMS File> Export menu.


File Name: software/odmsr7/patches/
Category: Patches
Version: Patch 5
File Size: 4.26 MB
File Type: application/zip
Created Date: 06-03-2019
Last Updated Date: 06-03-2019
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