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Latest News

ODMS R7.2.1

This update contains fixes for the SCP Client

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Patch 20 for ODMS 6.4

Patch 20 for ODMS 6.4 is now available to download...

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Windows 10 Microphone Privacy Settings

If you are experiencing an issue, whereby your microphone is not detecting any sound then this guide may help fix the issue. This issue affects some Windows 10 users.

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Play Button Flashes and Doesn't Play

If you experience an issue when pressing the play pedal or clicking on the play button but nothing happens then please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

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The latest version of Olympus Dictation Managment System has arrived. Features include:

  • Windows 8 Support
  • Office 2010 x64 Support
  • Citrix Ready Certification

1. New Features & Improvements (ODMS DM & TM)

1.1 Windows 8 Support

ODMS has been confirmed to support Windows 8. The table below details support for each edition of Windows 8.





Windows 8




Window 8 Pro




Window 8 Pro Enterprise




Windows RT




  • Due to the differences in technology, ODMS is not supported in the ‘Windows 8 User Interface’. The Desktop Interface should be used instead.
  • Currently there is no official Citrix support for Windows 8, therefore we cannot support ODMS in a Windows 8 Citrix environment.


1.2 Office 2010 x64 Support

Dictation Module (DM) and Transcription module (TM) previously only supported the 32-bit editions of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. With this update, ODMS 6.1 now also supports the x64 edition of Office 2010.

Using DM or TM, it is possible to email dictations and documents with Outlook 2010 or open document templates automatically using Word 2010.

1.3 Citrix Ready Certification

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) version 6.1 is now certified to be Citrix Ready with:

  • XenApp 6.5 64-bit.

For more information, visit:

1.4 Virtual Environment Support

ODMS 6.1 introduced support for newer versions of virtual products. Olympus have evaluated ODMS in the environments listed below and fixed all known software related issues:

  • VMware View 4.6/5.0
  • Citrix XenApp with Citrix Receiver 3.x.

1.5 Voice Recognition Functionality

Olympus have improved the voice recognition features of ODMS based on user-feedback to create a more intuitive and efficient speech recognition solution. Many reported issues have also been fixed.

1.5.1 - Voice Command Support in Background VR

ODMS 6.1 now supports all main voice commands for background voice recognition. Users can now dictate the following punctuation commands to make dictation easier and correction more efficient.

1.5.2 - Perform Background VR for Specific Dictations

Users can now select which file(s) they wish to transcribe by checking and un-checking the boxes next to each dictation in the Voice Recognition Waiting List. When the box is un-checked, the file will be skipped and the next file in the list is transcribed.

1.5.3 - Add files After Direct Recording

After direct recording (e.g. with a DRII), users can add a file to the VR queue from the Dictation Finished dialog. By checking the box, the dictation is saved and immediately added to the Voice Recognition Waiting List.

1.5.4 - Button for Adding Files to VR Queue

In ODMS 6.0, it was only possible to add files to the recognition queue by Drag & Drop. It is now possible to add a file to the queue by clicking the button shown below. This makes the process easier and simpler.

1.5.5 - Linking an Author ID to a DNS Profile

In ODMS 6.0 Dictation Module, the Author ID needed to exactly match the name of the DNS profile. This could be difficult to configure for users who are unfamiliar with renaming Author IDs or Dragon profiles. In ODMS 6.1 it is now possible to select the DNS profile and link it to the existing Author ID.

1.6 Search Feature

In ODMS 6.1 it is now possible to search for dictations in the currently selected folder by pressing CTRL + F (Dictation Module) or CTRL + ALT + F (Transcription Module) to show the search menu. A user can then enter their criteria and select which column to search. The next or previous match will be highlighted incrementally when the user clicks Next or Previous.

1.7 ODMS For Administrators (SCP and LM)

1.7.1 - Add and copy multiple users to the System Configuration Program (SCP)

With version 2.1 of the SCP, it is now possible to add multiple users from the Windows Directory. Previously each user needed to be searched for and added individually. This improvement makes adding users simpler and quicker.


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