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Trade-in your dictation device & avoid subscription costs with one lifetime payment.
Trade-in Offer: Save up to £50!

Trade-in and switch to the Olympus DS-9000 Premium Kit and AS-9000 Transcription Kit and get software updates without subscription.


* Contact your supplier for more information

Valid from 01/10/2020 to 31/12/2020

Olympus RecMic

Infection Prevention 
Polygiene silver ions are released at the surface, which inactivates the microbes upon contact.
Preventing bacteria from proliferating and helping to STOP the spread of infections.
Hygienic Working 
The entire device can be disinfected without damage, just wipe clean with a cloth and cleaning agent.
We recommend the use of Ethanol (76.9 to 81.4 v/v%) or Isopropanol (70 v/v%) for disinfection.

Home Working

We want to make it as easy as possible to work from home - so we've made some resources available for you...
Free 60-day trials from Olympus (No Commitment or subscription)
Send, receive and share dictations via Email / FTP / Smartphone Dictation and other cloud services (Google Drive / OneDrive / DropBox).

OPDSUPPORT works in partnership with Olympus to provide unparalleled technical support for Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.

Experiencing an issue or simply have a few questions, please contact us we’re here to help.

Trouble keeping track of your user’s licenses?

Convert your professional licenses into one electronic volume license (OVL) and benefit from the automated license distribution with a central License Manager.

Robust and future-proof integration with Olympus...

The Olympus Audio SDK is designed around you, so whether you require a native solution or pre-built integrations for professional dictation devices and DSS functions; Olympus can suit your needs.

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Latest News

DSS Player for Mac - 7.7.4
25 Nov 2020

Support for Big Sur has been added to DSS Player for Mac, click Read more to find out what other changes have been made...

SCP 7.3.2
09 Nov 2020

Version 7.3.2 of the SCP is now available to download. In this release we have focussed on security and updated the following:

Added Translation Languages
28 Oct 2020

Alongside all the other languages; our website now supports translations into 'Polish'.

MacOS 11.0 Big Sur
01 Oct 2020

Update: As of 25/11/20, DSS Player for Mac 7.7.4 has added support for Big Sur. Olympus have been busy testing the pending release of Apple's Big Sur. Issues have been identified with device recognit [ ... ]

Latest Knowledgbase

How to change the Port Number for the SCP
09 Sep 2020

Click Read More to find out how to change the port number for the R7 Web SCP...

Can't play in Direct Recording Window
18 Aug 2020

If you have an issue with the play button flashing and not playing while in the Direct Recording Window, but playback works fine in the Main Window then please continue reading this article.

Latest Versions
07 Jul 2020

Find out the latest versions of software and firmware for Olympus Professional Dictation...

SCP Client File Downloader Settings
02 Jun 2020

This article goes through the File Downloader Settings that are available in the SCP Client.

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Technical Support

OPDSUPPORT provides unparalleled technical support for Olympus Professional Dictation Solutions.


Convert your licenses and benefit from automated license distribution with a central License Manager.


The Olympus Audio SDK is used to integrate dictation and transcription hardware with 3rd party applications.
Apply now for the Olympus Developer Program.

Setup & Training

Looking for someone to do it for you? Tailored services are available for those who want the reassurance of knowing that their dictation system is being implemented and supported by the experts.


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