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News & Updates

A new update is available for the RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT)...

RecMic Configuration Tool v1.0.3

Created: 14/06/2021

DSS Player for Mac

This article contains information for Mac Administrators looking to use the Olympus components on a Mac when using an MDM.

DSS Player For Mac in an Enterprise environment

Created: 02/06/2021

News & Updates

DSS Player for Mac 7.7.5 is now available for download...

DSS Player for Mac - 7.7.5

Created: 10/05/2021

DSS Player for Mac

The DSS Player for Mac officially supports Mac with the new Silicon M1 Chip. However, this requires Apple Rosetta to be installed.

Apple M1 Chip Install Rosetta

Created: 13/04/2021

News & Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of Patch 2 for ODMS 7.3.3. This resolves an issue with text synchronisation after manually editing text in the Text Correction Window.

ODMS 7.3.3 Patch 2

Created: 12/04/2021

News & Updates

OM Digital Solutions have released a firmware update for the DS-9500, version 1.16.

DS-9500 Firmware Update - 1.16

Created: 15/03/2021

News & Updates

Patch 1 contains fixes for a Terminal Services issue, as well as two other issues. Read more to find out more...

ODMS 7.3.3 Patch 1

Created: 15/12/2020


List of Dragon commands that are available to do in ODMS real-time speech recognition and background speech recognition.

Command Index

Created: 10/12/2020


To ensure that Voice Recognition is as accurate and efficient as possible, there are some best practices to follow:

Voice Recognition Best Practices

Created: 10/12/2020

Mobile Dictation

This guide goes through the Administrative Display settings for the DS-9500/DS-9000 recorder

Administrative Display Settings

Created: 09/12/2020

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