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  • Technical Support

    OPDSUPPORT works in partnership with Olympus to provide unparalleled technical support for Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.

    Experiencing an issue or simply have a few questions, please contact us we’re here to help.

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  • Licensing

    Trouble keeping track of your user’s licenses?

    Convert your professional licenses into one electronic volume license (OVL) and benefit from the automated license distribution with a central License Manager.

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  • Developer Resources

    The Olympus Audio SDK is designed around you, so whether you require a native solution or pre-built integrations for professional dictation devices and DSS functions; Olympus can suit your needs.

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  • Services

    Tailored services are available for those who want the reassurance of knowing that their dictation system is being implemented and supported by the experts. Our services are based on a wealth of knowledge and are handled by approachable, professional technicians who will be able to add insight and expertise to your dictation project.

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  • Configuration Assistance

    Bought a new computer or simply want to get the most out of your Olympus Dictation Software? With our One to One service we will configure all the essential settings, design a workflow that suits you and get you working within the hour.

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Latest News

Olympus Dictation App Update

An updated version of the Olympus Dictation App is now available...

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DSS Player for Mac 7.5.2 Patch 1

Patch 1 has now been released for DSS Player for Mac 7.5.2

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Dragon 14 Support

Support for Dragon 14 added in the latest version of ODMS.

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Quick Start Guide for Authors (Mobile Recorder)

This article goes through the basics of using your mobile recorder.

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Quick Start Guide for Typists

This article goes through the basics of using your AS-7000 or AS-2400 transcription kit.

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The repository can't be accessed the local profile is used

When opening the ODMS Dictation Module or Transcription Module you get the following warning message about the repository below.

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